1. The basic information to get before you undergo vasectomy

    Vasectomy is the method used as the birth control and it prevents releasing the spam during the ejaculation. In the vasectomy procedure, the vas deferens of every testicle will be sealed, cut or clamped.  This means that the sperm will not mix with the semen during the ejaculation found in the penis.  The egg will not be fertilized if there will be no sperm. The testicles will continue producing the sperm but such sperm will go back into the body.  This also takes place when the sperm are not ejaculated for some time with or without the vasectomy.  The man who has undergone the vasectomy, he will still ejaculate the same fluid amount. It can take some months in order for the body to start reabsorbing the sperm that were produced before.

    During the procedure, the doctor will start by cleaning the scrotum and the testicles by the use of the antiseptic. You can be given intravenous or oral medicine that can reduce the anxiety and it can make you sleepy. When you take this medicine, you may not be able to follow up what will be taking place.  Each one of the vas deferens is found by touching. The local anesthesia will be injected in the area. The doctor will use two openings on the scrotum to reach to the vas deferens so that he can seal, stitch or tie them down. The scar will help in the blocking the tubes further. When the stitches will dissolve itself and they do not have to be removed.

    The no scalpel method uses a small clamp together with a pointed end. With this method, there is no need to cut into the skin. The use of this method means that there will be no bleeding; a small hole into the skin, few complications and the method is still effective.

    It is important to consider undergoing the vasectomy when you are sure that you will not need to have more children because this is a permanent solution.  The method is effective and only 2 women in 100 may get the pregnancy during the first years.

    The vasectomy can fail because the couple did not use any method for the birth control until the sperm are no longer produced.  It may take more than 20 ejaculations to clear out the sperm completely. 

    Any reconnection of the vas deferens may allow the sperm to mix again with the semen but this can take place in rare occasion.

    The person who undergoes the vasectomy has some risks but in rare cases. The risks may include bruising or swelling and the infection on the incision site. In the rare instances, the infection can develop within the scrotum. Sometime the sperm can lick into the nearby tissue and this may lead to a small lump. Even if this condition may not be painful, it has to be treated. Sometime the surgery can be needed in order to remove such problem. The inflammation in the tubes may direct the sperm into the testicles. In some cases the vas deferens can grow back so the man may be fertile again.